Thursday, 27 August 2009

I read this headline....

In Just Minutes From Now, You Too, Can Possess...

"A Master Wordsmith's Secret Recipe For
Unlimited Wealth And Riches!"

A friend sent me this link and said he was using the techniques in this book to buy diamond rings on e-bay, re-word the sales pitch with the wordsmith secret recipe, then sell the same rings on at a 50% profit.

Now I really hate EBay but this got me thinking about the power his words must have!

"You can read one page of his technique, apply it to your next email, website, blog post or article and it will make you money. Simple".

I had heard of this copywriter beofre and really liked his style. The program is all about teaching you how to use words in any form to make you a fortune.

First and foremost I am an article marketer. I thought if I could apply some of these secret copywriting techniques I could improve my articles selling power and click through rate.

I mean I was already doing well but what if I could get my click thru rate up by 20% by just changing a few words? My profit would go up 20%!

The more I read about his Wordsmith Secret Recipe the more I liked it and I could see that I could apply this to anything.......

  • Write articles that magnetise people to buy anything
  • Create emails that get people clicking instantly
  • Develop an ebook that makes hundreds if not thousands of sales.

The list went on and I could see there would be a lot of uses for this copywriting course.

I wasn't sure whether I could put this into practice but then the creator Jo Han Mok is only charging something like $10 for it. So I thought if it was too complicated it wasn't such a huge risk.

"Plus the fact that he offers a 100% money back guarantee, so actually you can't lose with this offer".

Well, I got the Secret Recipe and I wasn't disappointed. It is jam packed with advice and things to include in your writing that will have an impact on the reader. So far my articles have gone up by a 15% click thru rate and all I did was add 1 sentnce to my resource box at the bottom of each article.

Not bad eh?

Here's a little of whats inside:

  • The mysterious 'x-factor' in your sales message that can potentially trigger a buying frenzy
  • How to flood your prospects with "primal" buying emotions
  • The lost secret of advertising great, Clyde Bedell (This one secret can significantly boost the power of ANY sales message)
  • How to get your prospects riveted by your every word, and follow what you ask them to do as though they were in a hypnotic trance.
  • The 9 hidden pathways to 'YES'
  • How to get your prospects are salivating non-stop over what you’re offering
  • How to turn your sales message into a money magnet

The one negative point is that the ebook that you get is a little too big sometimes. There's actually quite a lot to read, but you could read one chapter and apply that then read chapter 2 and apply that to something get my drift.

In conclusion this is a top book. Without it I think you are going to spend a lot of time wondering if what you are writing in an article, email or on a blog or website is going to have any effect on the reader.

For $9.95 this is a risk-free-must and you know next time you write that it's going to bring in some money.

Click Here to learn more and get super fast, instant download.

"Jo Han Mok Is A Fantastic, Brilliant, Even Hypnotic Copywriter Who Has the Map to the Gold!" "I've known Jo Han Mok for several years now. He's a brilliant copywriter, hard working marketer, and an honest, sincere, and dear friend. Anyone watching him knows he is the real deal. And if you follow his advice, you're destined for the fortune you seek. Jo Han has the map to the gold. Follow him."
- Dr. Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale

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